Privacy notice

Mosquito Controls and
a Horizon Company

Mosquito Controls and as a part of Horizon, Inc. and the Horizon Companies family of online companies take the privacy and protection of our customer’s personal identifying information very seriously. All of the Horizon Companies strive to meet compliance guidelines set forth by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Horizon, Inc. and its subsidiaries are committed to ensuring your privacy on the Internet by adhering to strict data privacy standards, fairness, and integrity. Horizon, Inc. does not share, sell or lease our customer data.

You do not have to provide personal information to browse through our site. There are a few places within the site that collect personal information. Requests for information and technical help will ask for name, address, e-mail address and other demographic information, but only after your consent.

The personal information collected by Mosquito Controls and as a part of Horizon, Inc. and the Horizon Companies family of online companies may be used for internal marketing purposes or for statistics about the visitors and traffic related to our sites.

This statement may be revised from time to time to provide better service and maintain accuracy.